You never know where Open Roads will take you…

“Open Roads” Goes Cyber

The murmurs began last January–we’re exploring new things, things like a website. The idea of making a website both fascinated and frightened me. Much the same as the idea of publishing a newspaper.  When I committed to my first issue for January 2007, I had never attempted any facet of desktop publishing, not even so much a poster. I  had purposefully eschewed all forms of desktop publishing. It scared me and I didn’t like it. How did I know? I just did. But, I had my first deadline. So I hunkered down and figured it out.

Same with the website. I realized as always, my stumbling block is fear. Cyberspace is large and unknown. A hold-in-your-hand-print publication, now there’s something you can know.

I love the paper part of my job; driving to the printer to pick up the pub, the slightly inky smell that permeates the car, delivery day, standing in the Post Office in Stuarts Draft with the box full of subscriber mail-out. All those things are concrete. The truth is, I also love another part–the making of the paper. I do that on my computer using desktop publishing software. I love my desktop publishing software. I make pages, which magically turn into a format my printers can use to magically turn them into newsprint.

The great A-HA for me came when I realized that, as I’m fond of pointing out in my “Dear Readers” column, it doesn’t have to be either/or, it can be both. And so it shall be. I’m excited about moving into the unknown, the land of unlimited possibilities. We won’t necessarily throw the old maps out, but we’ll start employing the new GPS we’ve installed. I invite you to cruise around with us–adventures for all!


Comments on: "“Open Roads” Goes Cyber" (5)

  1. I’ve so looked forward to the expansion of Open Roads, and this seems like a perfect vehicle!

  2. Lead on Sita girl! I think this is fabulous and I hope to follow in your footsteps on a musical note:)

  3. Marilyn Noble said:

    Welcome to the cyber world! Next stop — Twitter!

  4. Becky, Brava!
    Your blog post, like your writing for the newspaper, is beautiful, thoughtful and captures the essence of what makes you the perfect person to not only run a newspaper but expand the community by going online with it. What’s that you ask?
    Appreciation for where you are in the process as it reflects what you’ll bring to your readers.
    I’m thrilled that your words, will now be available to a wider audience. Not to mention, we who love the paper can keep up in between issues.
    Welcome to cyberspace Open Roads, you’re in good hands with Becky.

  5. I agree…it CAN be both!

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