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Peace, Baby

From the April issue:

Let’s talk a little about peace; not the peace-means-not-war peace, but the peace that passes understanding. If we continue to think/believe/act like peace can be forced, or enforced by the threat of violence, any un-war state achieved will be unstable and temporary. The idea that peace is contingent upon conditions is as unreal as the idea that a tree falling in a forest devoid of humans makes no noise. The energy movement, the vibration, occurs whether or not a human is on hand to identify it, interpret it, or take credit for it, as humans are wont to do.

Peace is a state of consciousness; it just is. It’s always there, awaiting our awareness. Though we may be able to make peaceful conditions, we don’t have to make peace. We only have to identify and then let go of the thoughts/beliefs/actions that keep us from experiencing the natural state of peace that exists whether we take advantage of it or not.

At this point in our evolution, we’re capable of doing that. We’re completely capable of changing our minds—our thoughts, and therefore beliefs. After all, a belief is only a thought we think over and over until it becomes a well-worn groove in the brain.

Building on the understanding that we are all connected, the time is here and now for us to think differently, making decisions and choices based on that understanding. There’s an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to the demise of institutions—financial, political, corporate, military—as the the old power structure paradigm of “us vs. them crumbles.” It just doesn’t work any more, folks. If it did, we wouldn’t have upheaval all over the globe as outdated approaches create problems rather than solving them.

So, if we can’t pull a gun, aim missiles, threaten nuclear annihilation, or buy them off to make people get peaceful, what do we do? The answer is simple; we claim peace for ourselves. Simple, yes—easy, not so much.

It is incumbent upon every one of us to become aware of the thoughts and beliefs we hold that allow us to justify the acts of violence we perpetrate on each other all the time because we believe there’s an “us” and a “them.” I’m talking about every unloving word we utter or act we in which we engage. And to take it all the way, the very thoughts we think. Which of course, is the substance of consciousness. Everything begins with a thought—every word, every act, every emotion. We may not be “conscious” of the connection, but it’s there. And we’re responsible for it. If it’s unconscious, we’re responsible to become willing to start paying attention and become conscious. Even our cherished justice system tells us ignorance of the law is no excuse.

The book Oneness by Rasha offers these thoughts:

“To truly create ‘peace’ on a global scale, it is necessary to step back from the overview of global conflict and to perceive the interactions that precipitate it as what they truly are—manifestations of energy (thoughts). To shift an environment in which discord reigns supreme and is unyielding, it is a futile effort to enter into a duel where bravado collides head-on with bravado. Hostility met with hostility simply breeds escalated hostility and reinforces the vibrational building blocks (thoughts of dominance) of the situation into ones that will continue to manifest more of the same.

To shift the energy (thoughts, consciousness) underlying these ongoing global situations, it is necessary to address the energy (thoughts, consciousness) that comprises them. Each participant, regardless of how inconsequential the involvement, adds a piece to the energetic equation. A mind-set of dominance-at-all-costs, breeds as its ongoing manifestation, the vibration of separation (us vs. them…) The key to moving the stagnant energies of the global conflict lies in the recognition of the need to shift the energies of the interpersonal dynamics of all participants.

In truth, all are responsible, energetically, for co-creating global conflict. And all are capable of making a measurable difference in the efforts toward world peace, by taking responsibility for the energy projected in every encounter with every fellow being with whom one shares this adventure known as ‘life.’”

So, the bad news is, we can no longer count on the president or congress or the military or the education system or corporations or banks or the UN to make peace—it’s up to me and it’s up to you. The good news is, we no longer have to count on the president or congress or the military or the education system or corporations or banks to make peace, I can do it and you can do it. Those institutions can then take their rightful place as support for and enhancement of a peaceful world.

Furthering world peace isn’t just for beauty pageant contestants and Nobel Prize winners anymore. As the Baby Boomers sang, “All we are saying, is give peace a chance.” You CAN change the world!